• Small improvments, for natural speaking (fr_FR)


  • Really small improvment (but an important one for natural speaking) in can_you.rive (fr_FR).


  • WARNING : This release needs at least Domogik 0.5.2!
  • Performances improvment : up to 10x faster on sensors and commands requests (all languages).
  • Add a ‘can you’ trigger for all queries (fr_FR). See can_you.rive and @peuxTu in begin.rive for more details.
  • Add more interactions for natural speaking (fr_FR)


  • Small improvment on @donneMoi in begin.rive (fr_FR)
  • Add network test (fr_FR)
  • Add user management feature for the ‘name’ information (fr_FR)
  • Upgrades to do commands and get sensors : add the ability to use the command or sensor reference (used)


  • Big internal upgrades to had more capabilities to commands and sensors management.
  • Add DT_ColorRGBHexa management.
  • Complete DT_Bool and childs management.
  • Add management of basic sensors : DT_Number, DT_Bool, DT_String.
  • Various minor improvments.
  • en_US and nl_NL features are not as complete as fr_FR. See the ‘TODO’ tags in the .rive files for more informations.


  • Compatibility with Rivescript 1.8.1 and Domogik 0.5+
  • Fix DT_Bool for unknown devices
  • Various improvments in french


  • (fr_FR) Fix date charset issue
  • (all lang) For ‘*’, call the brain process_star() function to allow : * analyse input query to do some suggestions * logging of not understood queries


  • Package creation (merge of domogik-brain-core and domogik-brain-datatype)